This earth and the planets surrounding it will pass away, and everything will become new. Consider this: In the beginning, you were organized as one body, but when you became two, the illusion of separateness entered the physical plane. Now you are many, and this illusion abounds. Listen to what I’m saying! You must become a solitary person before me, if you want to dwell on the new planets and the new earth which I will create. Those who are enlightened will understand what I’m saying.

– Jesus, Gospel of Thomas

The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him – that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.

– Swami Vivekananda

Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two.

– Gautama Buddha

When the world which is what-is-seen has been removed, there will be realization of the Self which is the seer.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi

By forms is meant all manifestations on the physical plane including things, vibrations, names, concepts, thoughts, feelings et al.

The world we perceive ourselves to live in consists of a variety of forms. Forms, are created and sustained only due to other forms that validate their existence. Forms exist only as long as exists a gross manifestation of consciousness to perceive them. In order for experience to appear to be real, it is necessary for the experiencer to appear to be real and separate from the experience.

The ego, or the fundamental sense of identity that gives rise to all separation, itself causes forms to take form, as it were. These forms are experienced through many channels of vibration that we call the senses. The destruction of the ego leads to the experience of the infinite. From the point of view of a visual metaphor, the word destruction is not the best way to describe this, for destruction usually evokes a splintering or explosive type of effect. The experience is akin to a merging, or dissolution.

The truth or the word of god, whatever name is chosen to describe it, is found not just in books, scriptures or words of the wise. It is all around, even in forms. It is obvious that this would be such, for it follows that if all is one, then all is the word and the word is everywhere and everything at once.

The nature of reality, life etc can be described in terms of a vast ocean  – a beautiful, direct and obvious manifestation of the word in form. Forms are waves on the surface of the ocean. Everything, including living things, including us, is a wave. Waves take shape, move, crash, tumble and ultimately dissolve back into the ocean from where they arise. Under the waves as well as part of the wave is the ocean, unaffected by the manifestation, activities, transitions and dissolution of the waves.

Is it meaningful to name each wave? Is it meaningful to ascribe to each wave, characteristics such as benevolence, violence, faith? Is it meaningful to say that each wave has free-will, dreams, desires? Is it meaningful to give each wave credit for what it does? Is it meaningful to give each wave a purpose? Is it meaningful to attempt to control the destiny of each wave?

So it is with life, with forms. If all things, including us are just waves on the cosmic substrate, how does one begin to describe each wave, ascribe to them characteristics and attempt to control them? In essence, this is what we attempt to do in life.

The nature of reality (or consciousness, or existence, or god, or the infinite, whatever name you give it), is like an unending ocean. It never wasn’t, it never isn’t and it never won’t be. What we think of as ‘I’, when we associate ourselves with the body, or the mind, or emotions or anything that Jesus called the Physical Plane and the Vedas called Samsara, is just a wave, transient but at the same time completely one with the eternal, at all times.

Time, space, cause, effect, all names and forms are but waves. It is as if a wave decided to ‘take control’ and establish it’s “importance” over other waves.

There is nothing one needs to “do” in order to be one with that ocean. We are that, already and always have been.

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