My dear friends in the United States, take heart. What has happened is actually long overdue and when we are past it, maybe you can look back and see just how necessary it was.
There has been discontent in the American psyche for a while, but it has been suppressed, medicated or otherwise covered up in an effort to maintain an appearance of a well-functioning society. People in many areas of life, regardless of gender, race, religion and so on, have been hurting for a while and their pain has not been taken seriously. When we elected a black president, we tried to convince ourselves that we really were not hurting, that the suffering was over, but there are still many that were left marginalized. We cannot heal one community or one group of people and ignore another. We must include all people in our efforts even if it ends up consuming all our energies. It may require putting profits aside for a while, but it is worth it.
The power of love, which is constantly trying to bring a return to harmony and unity, will not rest until true harmony is found, and a superficial attempt at reconciliation that does not involve every single human being will never be good enough for love. So any attempt to help one group of people while another suffers, will simply not work. We have the capacity and the resources to provide a wonderful, happy life for all human beings on this planet – we just have to make it a priority and work at it consciously. So far, we seem to be content with putting only some of our resources into the well-being of humanity and using the rest to enrich a small group of people. We must use all our resources for the well-being of all humanity.
As Jesus spoke and the Gnostics wrote down, we are not here to fight darkness, but to transform it into light. We do that by bringing darkness up and out where it dissolves in the light of conscious awareness. We do this as human beings using our life, our love as the transforming power. The power of love is unlimited and eternal, but the body is not. This is part of the reason we eventually shed our bodies. We literally put our life into this process.
We all came here to work this transformation. When we ignore this work and instead focus on simply pleasuring ourselves or worrying about material things, we neglect the work we are here to do and suffer. Selfishness is the main cause of human suffering today. We need to stop being selfish and try to create a beautiful life for all!
My guru said “the longer the thorn is in the body, the more it hurts when taken out”. Well, most of us have ignored this important work and this thorn has festered in the body for a while. It is now being exposed and taken out. So it will hurt.
However, once you make the conscious switch and decide to give yourself willingly to life, to give your life to transforming darkness into light, you stop suffering and your life becomes truly meaningful and joyful. When you experience pain, as many of us are experiencing right now, remember that pain is felt when it is leaving the body, not when it is entering. What hurts and itches is not the pain itself, but the healing. Never forget that!
So what we are experiencing right now, as a nation, as a world, is this collective healing. Divisions are not being created. They were always there – unacknowledged, ignored and even sometimes ridiculed by those of us who claimed to know more than others. Now they are being exposed. And once in the light, they will dissolve. It may take some time and look ugly for a while, but we are now in the healing stage.
So don’t despair. Take courage, resolve to give yourself to life, resolve to consciously transform darkness into light. Try not to create more divisions – include and engage with all, even those you disagree with. They deserve to be heard, even if you don’t like what they say. However they appear to you, they are coming from a place of love and a desire to create a wonderful life for themselves, their families, friends and communities – as much as you are. Try not to react with anger or hatred. If you can’t respond with love, just be quiet. If you do that, you will go from being a disappointed victim to one that is conscious, awake and empowered. You will become a joyful participant in this healing. No human being should be and will be excluded from your love.
An absolutely phenomenal transformation is being manifested in front of our eyes. But you must have eyes to see.
I end with the words of Swami Vivekananda, my inspiration, the one who threw my despondent soul into the spiritual path and infused it with energy that will never fade:
Awake, arise! Stop not till the goal is reached!

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