The shadows of this world are perceived by mortals, and they think they know Truth, but the Reality which casts the shadows is hidden from them, and they do not perceive the Light. I tell you the truth when I say that only when you perceive shadows as shadows, and search the Light, will you perceive the Reality which is God.
– Jesus Christ, Gospel of Thomas

Sri Ramana Maharshi is known to have compared it to the situation in a cinema. There is the light in the projector, which passes through a moving film that projects images on the screen. The light is God or the Self, the film is our mind, with it’s thoughts, memories, etc. The movie on the screen is what we call our life, our world.

In other words, the Self or the Light shines through our memories, casts shadows and we see those shadows and think it to be real. Now, of course, these “shadows” aren’t just visual, speaking in terms of the senses. Everything we perceive with our senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, sound), plus mind, thoughts, feelings, are all the projections of the Light.

We think the shadows we perceive are real. Now imagine a multiplicity of these movie reels playing by the same light. Now there are many worlds, all of which seem real.

Consider this: In the beginning, you were organized as one body, but when you became two, the illusion of separateness entered the physical plane. Now you are many, and this illusion abounds.
– Jesus Christ, Gospel of Thomas

Now, what happens when the movie reel is taken away? Light remains, no movie! What happens when there is no movie? You can’t tell that anything’s changing? When nothings changing, there is no time, there is no space. There is only Light! If there is only Light, what happens to the others? There are no others, there is only Light! That Light is what we call God, the Self. This is our natural state, our True nature. It is all there is.

Once you realize that the world is your own projection, you are free of it. You need not free yourself of a world that does not exist, except in your own imagination! However is the picture, beautiful or ugly, you are painting it and you are not bound by it. Realize that there is nobody to force it on you, that it is due to the habit of taking the imaginary to be real. See the imaginary as imaginary and be free of fear.
– Nisargadatta Maharaj

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